10 Point SEO Checklist

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a still a term that is still a mystery to many and has been misused by many. What it really means in practical terms is to make a website or piece of content so it is the best it can be to attract those who want to view its content. This can be very time consuming and takes a lot of knowledge so is often best left to some of the SEO Services on The Gold Coast.

The following 10 points are designed to give your content the best SEO Practices

1. SEO Page Title

Search engines look for indicators that your website is set up correctly, such as your title matches your page content and keywords. Including keywords in your title is important but not on its own enough to give you a high rank. Make sure you have a suitable and attractive title to get a high click through rate as these can help determine rankings

2. SEO Page Description

The page description is the small blocks of text that pop up under links in search results. It is important these match your page content.

It is important to add descriptive ALT tags and filenames where appropriate to your pages. The way search engines see images is by reading their ALT tag as well as looking at the file names you provide. For best results be as descriptive as possible naming images

3. Copy Structure

When creating content, care needs to be taken to use transition words, these words allow readers to be naturally drawn through your copy as well as allowing them to skim through it. For best results at least 10% of the words on a page should be transition words

4. SEO Headlines, SEO Content and HTML

Use the focused keywords in the subheadings on each page, this allows the content to be clear and relevant to the readers.

The first paragraph on every page should contain the focus keyword as this helps to maintain clarity and relevance for the reader.

It is important to use heading and paragraph tags correctly on every page as search engine algorithms can easily get confused if they are incorrect, leading to missed information as well as lost credibility regarding your site

5. Keeping it Easy to Read

Do not assume that everyone knows what you do! They are reading your content to find new knowledge. Care should be taken to explain things in simple terms and if you use technical jargon, ensure it’s explained adequately. People must find your site enjoyable to read and easy to absorb or they will just leave. Web readers like and value simplicity with added value.

Use natural language as search engines are now getting much more complex, so understand synonyms, they can be used to make the copy more enjoyable to read. The use of latent semantic indexing (LSI) when creating your content and keywords can also help the search engines to understand just what your content or page is all about.

There are many new people joining the internet each day and the vast majority of them are doing so using mobile devices. Because of this, it is imperative that you have a site that is responsive to different sized and shaped screens. This is important, especially for localized searches. It is not a good idea to just adapt your website by having hidden content as a search engine will not recognize this.

If you are unsure how to go about this the experts at SEO Services On the Gold Coast

6. Contextual Content

All factual content and supplemental content such as testimonials, Videos, FAQ’s and references, etc. need to be in the correct places and be relevant or you can lose trust and credibility quickly. They need to have the relevant links to any authoritative sites that support your content. The crawlers will look at the language you use in the hyperlinks, including the keywords to see what their content is about.

It is a good idea to claim you’re branding on as many social networking sites as practical and post your work there but not duplicate it. Often, especially in specialty niches, you can own all the search results on the first page if you have enough relevant content

7. Word Count

It is important to provide valuable, interesting and relevant content on each page to give a visitor a good reason to be there. By providing at least 300 words per page for text content (less any relevant images), 500 words is ideal and not more than 900 words so it is not over done

Your keyword should be used three times spread evenly about the page. Do not start a new page unless you have at least 100 words of meaningful content. Do not ever place unnecessary text on your site, it detracts from the reader’s enjoyment and wastes their time

8. Research your Keywords

It is important that you understand the reason people select certain keywords and their intent when they use them. Pick one keyword per page and use it in your URL but don’t stuff your URL with keywords and the shorter the keyword the better for rankings

9. Check for Duplicate content and the speed of your site

Having duplicate content on different sites can dilute the value of it amongst those sites and Search engines do not like it so may penalize your site.

The search engines also check for the speed of your site as they value user experience site that is too slow can lose their rating and visitor will lose patience and leave

10. Double check everything

Look for errors such as broken links and possible crawler problems, make your content hard for search engines to find and therefore drive traffic to it

Doing a manual SEO audit can be very complicated and time consuming, especially for a large website. Using a SEO audit tool will speed up the process and help to fix any mistakes.

Use the free Google Search Console for correcting errors such as duplicate content crawl errors, missing titles and a host of other problems.

It will also help to get data on the search performance of their different websites and content as well as finding data on search rankings. Once you have finished it is worthwhile sending your work to be rechecked by the SEO experts at SEO Services on The Gold Coast

Now you have a check list you will be able to start making sure your website is the best possible, it can be to allow search engines to rank it and have people discover your unique content. This will enable you to expand your business and have a very profitable future

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