10 Gmail Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Gmail by Google is a reasonably effective e-mail support, but you can nevertheless obtain a number of features and additional options in Gmail settings. The checklist is quite large, so we have listed down here 10 amazing Gmail features to increase the productivity of your Emails.

Here’s are some Gmail features that you should really enable at this moment.

  • Undo Send

We all have face such situations where you shell out an hour composing a bit harsh letter, click send and immediately realise  that you probably should not have carried out that. Fortunately, we have Gmail’s Undo Deliver feature to save the day. This feature is available in Gmail settings. This is an excellent option to save you from adverse situation.


When an e-mail is sent, Gmail will hold out for a predefined number of seconds i.e. for 5, 10, 20, or 30, right before sending. The number of seconds is configurable in Gmail’s settings. While this is happening, a user can click on the “Undo” link to redeem your mistake. If you think that you won’t need this option, still it’s truly is a better option than pulling the cable of the internet connection. So you could likewise keep it as an option for various situations. To be honest, you’ll be using it more occasionally than ever.

  • Customised keyboard shortcuts

Who doesn’t like keyboard shortcuts? There’s no harm is stating the truth that Gmail shortcuts are one of our favourite things about this mailing service. The keyboard shortcuts enable you to send you to create and send your email as fast as possible. Gmail is known to add some new keyboard shortcuts once in a while.

On the other hand, if a user doesn’t see Gmail’s default key bindings incredibly intuitive, the Custom Keyboard Shortcuts feature which is accessible in Gmail settings permits the user to customise their own shortcuts from Gmail’s Settings option.

  • In messages, preview external services

Gmail has numerous settings that give preview things such as images, voicemails, documents and videos in emails if despatched from selected companies. For instance, if a contact sends you a mail with an address in it, you can automatically see the address on a map with help of Google Maps Preview settings. Preview settings are also available for Google Voice, Picasa and Yelp, if you use them.

  • Auto-Advance

In the event you choose a great deal of messages at a time, it can be definitely frustrating that Gmail usually takes you back for the inbox every time you archive, mark as spam, delete, or mute an Email. The Auto-advance feature, which you can find in Gmail settings, enables you to decide what Gmail does in such cases. This way you go straight to another Email every time you archive, mark as spam, delete, or mute an Email. Though many users may find it a small thing, still it avoids stress, annoyance and can prove to be a very good time saver.

  • Unread message icon

Gmail’s tabs blink up whenever you’ve got new Emails, but for a quick look at the number of unread emails are in your mail, Gmail’s’ Unread Message Icon is an amazing option to use. It is really excellent for maintaining Gmail inside a pinned tab, so you need to ensure it won’t divert your attention because in the end, sometimes you don’t have to be answering Email the moment it comes in. You can keep it off, if this option makes you to continuously look at the inbox.

  • Send & archive

gmail-settingsGo to Gmail’s general settings and choose the “Show ’Send & Archive’ button in reply” option. With this option, while you are creating an Email, you’ll be able to send your mail and archive the complete thread in a single click which helps greatly to keep the inbox clear and tidy.

  • Apps search

If you utilise Google sites or Google Docs, Apps Search is a fantastic feature that increases Gmail’s searching powers to these 2 apps. Like that, if you seek for anything in Gmail, this option will also show up matching search engine results from Sites and Docs in the Gmail types. Like that you are able to do all your functions related to Google in a single, integrated tab.

  • Default ‘Reply All’

Probably the most debatable feature in the whole lot, it allows the user to set the default reply option to ‘Reply All’ as an alternative to ‘Reply’. Generally, when several folks are associated with an email thread, one particular person will break the whole conversation by mistakenly clicking the ‘Reply’ option in place of ‘Reply All’, and in such cases, every other person attached to the Email before misses that conversation.

You can avoid getting into such disastrous situations by selecting this feature in Gmail’s general configurations. In case you want to reply only to a single person, you will continue to be able to do that by clicking the ‘Reply All’ button right next to the dropdown menu.

  • Canned responses

In the event you end up performing a lot of repetitive typing, the Canned Responses lab will help you to save some major time. Go to Gmail Labs to enable this option, type in the messages you send again and again, and then deliver them later you can send them with just a click. By using filters, you are able to even mail them automatically, which makes it a good responder.

Remember that OS-wide text expansion can be used if you have to try this beyond Gmail. However, Gmail’s canned responses can be employed and it doesn’t matter what laptop or desktop you might be using as these are even available on phone.

  • Quick links

Although features such as Multiple Inboxes and starred messages are perfect for accessing regularly required messages or labels, right in the Gmail’s sidebar, Quick Links can obtain just about anything. As soon as you allow Quick links in Gmail Labs, a box on the left will appear where any bookmark-able URL in Gmail can be added for a single click access, which includes labels, messages, saved searches, etc.

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